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2010.10.11. 17:58 Kristály-völgy Egyesület

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Volunteers Wanted!

The Crystal Valley Association has received many clothes donations for the red sludge victims. In order for the residents of Kolontár, Devecser and Somlóvásárhely to find the right clothes for them, it is necessary to sort the clothes.

We are looking for volunteers to sort and organize the bulks of clothes!

Date:    from 9 AM on October 29th until 8 PM on October 30th

Location:          Ajka, Industrial Park (Schwa Medico Hall)

                        Assembly at the office of the Crystal Valley Association

                        (Ajka, Sport u. 14, Bányász Sports Hall)


Most recent requests (10.24.2010. at 17:10):

We urgently need the following:

    * Food: cocoa, coffee, dry sliced  salami in vacuum packing
    * Tableware: plastic knives, forks, spoons, plates, napkins, paper towels
    * Cleaning instruments: brooms, shovels, brushes, detergent, fabric softener, ultra  powder, cleaning up liquid
    * Toiletry: shaving cream, razors, wet wipes
    * Other tools: empty plastic pump bottles
    * Protective gears: ONLY FFP3 standard dust filter mask, rubber boots (size 36 to 46), safety goggles, Dupo Tyvek overalls, acid-proof gloves
    * Medicines: Burow solution, Alsol ointment, epithelizing ointment (Neogranormon, Bepanten, bum ointment), wet dressings, bandages, painkillers (ibuprofin derivatives, Panadol, Advil, Algoflex)
    * Other: needle, thread, light bulb, plastic or oilcloth tablecloth, thermos, kettle, coffee maker

Clothes donations can no longer be accommodated!

Thank you!

 The donations highlighted in red would be most need!




Most recent requests 10.16.2010.

The victims of Devecser and Kolontár have created a joinder for a more effective representation of their interests. These tasks are currently carried out in an  empty office.

Necessary work tools: photocopiers, printers, laptops, unlocked phones, prepaid cards.

Peter Marácz is working with all his might to protect the public interest. If anyone has any of the above listed tools they no longer have use for, they would be much appreciated in the Devecser office. Please call Péter at: + 36 30 8425-115


We have started to collect the data of each individual affected family. Our first baby is Oliver Pleiveisz, 3 months old. Currently they must rent, and their gas bill is very high. We have provided them with baby clothes and diapers, but they will need to pay their heating (in order to keep their child warm)! You can find Oliver and his mom on facebook, among the many photos under the Association’s user id (
Kristály-völgy Egyesület).

The family's bank account is:

name: Anita Henn,

number: 10402252-86755471-51751008



Most recent requests (10.11.2010. 16:40):



We urgently need the following:

Clothing: slippers, possibly new and low-priced, which can be used for bathing, baby clothing (shoes and other clothing is not need)

Baby attire: dresses, diapers, baby food, blankets, strollers, baby bottles, baby care products

Food: salt, cocoa, oil, coffee, baby food

Cutlery: knives, forks, spoons, plastic bowls, plates, napkins, paper towels

Cleaning: broom, shovel, pollen-filter masks, chemical protective boots, goggles, buckets, mop kits

Cleaning: shaving cream, razors, paper tissues, baby care products, diapers, shampoos, combs, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, toothpastes, hair dryers

Medicines: unopened box of generic medicines (analgesic and antipyretic, band aids)

Thank you!


Important donation (based on blog comment at 12:43:38 on 10/11/2010):

United Way Kisalföld Foundation is awaiting donations in Győr and its vicinity. The Foundation undertakes the collection and delivery of donations to the disaster-sticken villages.

The Gyor-Moson-Sopron County Volunteer Center maintained bv our organization is awaiting applications from voluntary workers to help achieve the collection and distribution.

More information can be requested in connection with fundraising from Kollár András (in Hungarian):

Phone: +36 96 337 081

Mobile: +36 70 610 68 88




Please help so that we can also help!


For all volunteers who want to help on site a gathering takes place every
morning at 7:00 AM outside the Mayor's Office (Devecser, Petőfi tér 1). The
organizers will hold briefings on work, and form the necessary groups.
You can take part in the following actions:
- Animal/Pet Rescue
- Shoveling
- Gas mask distribution
- Food and water distribution


For those arriving later, please look for the Operational Staff (Operatív
Törzs) on the first floor of the Mayor's Office, for information on volunteer
work opportunities.
We ask everyone who can, to bring protective gear (RUBBER BOOTS,

The organizers do provide the protective clothing and equipment necessary
for the job, but the number of volunteers can not be estimated in advance,
therefore it is better to come prepared.
Currently there is no information of volunteer work opportunities in
Kolontár and Somlóvásárhely, but we should have updates on our blog by
tomorrow morning.


There is often need with help of transferring people/goods to the nearby
towns. Vehicles and drivers are also needed. Cars and trucks would be


Dear Fundraisers, Donors!

What we need very, very quickly:
Food for unit packs, or already prepared in separate packs:
- 1 kg flour
- 1 kg sugar
- 1 kg semolina/wheat meal
- liver paté
- pasta
- canned food
- 1 l milk (durable)
- 1 kg rice
- 1 l cooking oil
- 2 rolls of toilet paper
- paper tissues
- sweets
- 1 liter of lemon juice (very important for the cleaning of houses)
- 1 l vinegar (very important for the cleaning of houses)


Other donations needed:
   diapers, pads

Tools needed:
buckets, rags, shovels, brooms, wheelbarrows, gloves, goggles, face masks,
Towels for the medical emergency room.
Mineral Water (now sufficient, but will be needed continuously)

Later, after the damage is assessed, furniture and all else will be welcome.
The "Crystal Valley Area Development Association has opened a bank
account aimed at helping “the red sludge victims”, as this is the fastest way
to ensure that all the necessary goods are bought immediately.

Donation account number:
Kristály-völgy Egyesület (Crystal Valley Association)
Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Rt. (Hungarian Savings Bank Co.)

"Vörösiszap-károsultak Adomány" ("Red Sludge victims Donation")

For foreign transfers the IBAN code and the bank’s SWIFT code must
also be given:

IBAN: HU24 7280 0061 1001 7997 0000 0000
Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Rt. (Hungarian Savings Bank Co.)
1122 Budapest, Petényi köz 10.


Please send this website in form of a link on to as many people as possible,
so the necessary needs can be met.

We can receive donations in the association’s office (8400 Ajka, Sport u. 14
Sports Miner), from 8 AM to 8 PM every day.

Our representatives (Hungarian only)
Daragó Gabriella: +36/70/940-4367 Andrea Németh: +36/70/940-4366


We are looking for offers of housing for 30 families, free of charge,
wherever possible.

Crystal Valley Association
8400 Ajka, Sport u. 14. Miner Sports
Canned goods, equipment, organizing donations, fundraising.
(Hungarian only tel)
Daragó Gabriella: +36/70/940-4367
Andrea Németh +36/70/940-4366


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